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Full stack web developer motivated by hard work and the passion for building things. Valued collaborator with a knack for analyzing data and prioritizing tasks to achieve consistent results. Focused drive for professional excellence and a thirst for knowledge.


B Side Shuffle Website Redesign

A local Band In DC

The new Website contains more information about the band, the band members and their music using Songkick, Soundcloud, and Tumblr's API to fetch current upcoming concerts, songs, and blogs.


A Vehicle Maintenance Tracker App

Docarmation is a website to help vehicle owners keep track of their maintenace records for their vehicle. It will help the owner appreciate their vehicle a little more.


A Zombie Apocalypse Survival App

Calculate your chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse. A group project built on Rails & JavaScript for General Assembly Web Development Immersive 2 in Washington, DC. Team members: Sam Barrientos, Jake Catt, Salvador Hernandez, Mandy Moore, and Clare Politano.


A Soundcloud like App for Podcasts

PodCloud is a web application to help users search for podcasts instead of using Itunes to do so. As a user signed up for the site they are able to create multiple playlists and add their selected podcasts to one of their created playlist. I built this app so it can help me listen to more podcasts because one could learn a lot from listening to many different podcasts. Podcasts are Awesome!!!


An App for Sharing Good Bike Parking Places.

Bike stack is a project founded by neighbors to help simplify bike parking and make Baltimore a better place to live. Users can sign up/in and add markers to the map to display good/bad parking places for your bike. A user leaves a name, description and can add an image(optional). After marker is created users who are signed up for the site can up/down vote the bike parking spots. This project was created at the 3rd annual Baltimore Hackathon by team members: Chase Gilliam, Harrison Tan, Brice Dobry, Salvador Hernandez and Nate Weiner.


Tic-Tac-Toe Game build in React.js

Fully functional Tic-Tac-Toe game created while still learning to use React.js


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