Software Engineer | Pun Master | Former Automotive Technician | Tech Enthusiast

About Me

Back in August 2014, I decided I wanted to be part of the ever-growing advancement in technology and web development. Since then, I switched gears and left my career as an automotive technician to pursue a career in web development. To jump-start this transition, I attended a 12-week Web Development Immersive course that consisted of intensive training in common best practices for object-oriented programming, MVC frameworks, data modeling and test-driven development. It was then that I discovered my passion for programming.

Being a Software Engineer has changed my life and I truly believe it has made me a better person. It has helped me connect with people with all levels of experience. It has changed the way that I think and I am no longer afraid of facing problems. The high-level approach to how I solve a problem is to understand it first while staying focused on the desired goal. Through this approach, I have learned that the solution is “in-between” what we know and what we are trying to solve for.

I love what I do and because of this, it has inspired me to become part of the growing tech community in Baltimore City. I enjoy giving back and I find it valuable to empower others in tech. I currently lead a local JavaScript meetup (CharmCityJS) that welcomes newcomers of all experiences. I am a firm believer in that community helps us grow individually and together.


Solving Problems 👨🏻‍💻


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